James JosephSeems like such a long time since I first released this book through Audenreed Press. The bulk of the books in print sold within the first two years.

I was quite surprised to find out how much they're selling for now. Check out how much they want in the UK, Germany, and France. Audenreed Press is closing, so I've taken possession of the remaining books. I'll be selling these books online, and most, if not all new copies will only be available here. There may be a handful of new books out there, but for the most part, those claiming to sell new books are probably unaware that they can no longer be ordered except through this site. And, I'll be discounting them to $7.95 plus shipping.

It was popular in its time, so I suppose it's possible that it has gained value. Check out the old reviews. However, I think some of these prices may be out of line. Most of the large booksellers no longer have copies in stock, and aren't aware that they won't be able to get them except through this site.

There aren't a lot. Some are shrink-wrapped and fantastic for collecting. And, some aren't... perfect for signing. Soon, this will be the only place to buy a new copy. Maybe I'll pick up that sequel again and finish it. If so, I'll also release a 2nd edition of Shadow of the Serpent, but it will be heavily edited. This first edition will remain unique. For now, the cost will be discounted to $7.95.

Shadow of the Serpent
A Coyote Moon Story

Native American fiction novel about American Indians of the Mississippian culture in conflict with the ancient warriors of Teo



ISBN: 1-879418-80-0
Quality Paperback:
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
423 Pages
Retail $14.95 US

Sale Price $7.95 US

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Shadow of the Serpent is an absorbing tale of nomadic peoples, exotic civilizations, and the unavoidable struggle for dominance. Set in North America's boundless wilderness, exiles from an ancient Meso-American civilization seek to dominate a new land and carve out their own empire. They soon discover that sophistication and technological superiority do not always guarantee victory.

This action-packed adventure is a tale of epic proportions, steadily drawing the reader into the hearts of an innocent people facing a civilization with fantastic powers. It could actually take place in many settings where conflicts between powerful empires and so-called barbarians occured throughout history, across the globe. And, while most civilizations appear to be in control now, it may be just an era during a long cycle. The security, power and relative peace afforded within the confines of a well-structured society can be easily and unexpectedly unraveled. Unimaginable forces from both outside and within can result in catastrophic chaos.

Shadow of the Serpent, A Coyote Moon Story is a string of parables woven through the fabric of human diversity. Both strength and weakness are illusive and temporary. Follow the Minnecou through their trials, losses and triumphs as they face unimaginable powers wielded by the fabled "Snake People"—many as formidable as those in the modern world. All of these powers can be overcome with wisdom, ingenuity, strength and will. While the Minnecou are a fictional tribe, their counterparts have prevailed throughout history, all over the world.


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