James JosephSeems like such a long time since I first released this book through Audenreed Press. The bulk of the books in print sold within the first two years.

I was quite surprised to find out how much they're selling for now. Check out how much they want in the UK, Germany, and France. Audenreed Press is closing, so I've taken possession of the remaining books. I'll be selling these books online, and most, if not all new copies will only be available here. There may be a handful of new books out there, but for the most part, those claiming to sell new books are probably unaware that they can no longer be ordered except through this site. And, I'll be discounting them to $7.95 plus shipping.

It was popular in its time, so I suppose it's possible that it has gained value. Check out the old reviews. However, I think some of these prices may be out of line. Most of the large booksellers no longer have copies in stock, and aren't aware that they won't be able to get them except through this site.

There aren't a lot. Some are shrink-wrapped and fantastic for collecting. And, some aren't... perfect for signing. Soon, this will be the only place to buy a new copy. Maybe I'll pick up that sequel again and finish it. If so, I'll also release a 2nd edition of Shadow of the Serpent, but it will be heavily edited. This first edition will remain unique. For now, the cost will be discounted to $7.95.

Shadow of the Serpent
A Coyote Moon Story

Native American fiction novel about American Indians of the Mississippian culture in conflict with the ancient warriors of Teo



ISBN: 1-879418-80-0
Quality Paperback:
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
423 Pages
Retail $14.95 US

Sale Price $7.95 US

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What Readers Say

Just finished Shadow of the Serpent yesterday. Feels like waving goodbye to a bunch of people I really grew to like a lot. A fine piece of work, my friend. I'm left now to wonder your actual age. Whatever it is, you write with wisdom beyond your years. The epilogue you wrote as Teokahannah is suitable for framing. I'm full of questions now. Like, "Are you promising a sequel, by leaving the fate of Tarote in mystery?" (Hope so)...Anyway, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Steve Harrison--Indiana

Brother James! I have really enjoyed your book, and I feel that much more went into it than just writing skill. You have spent much time in research and in the outdoors to have acquired such a zest for Mother Earth and Her inhabitants! Is there another one in the making?? I felt that I could easily have been any one of the characters you wrote of. You have given me the wonderful gift of inspiration! Keep up your fine work, my friend!

Ron LaFitte (Cherokee)--Tennesee

Though I don't usually read fantasies, I did enjoy this story very much, as it held my interest...very intelligent with extremely good moral insight to idealistic community kinsmanship. To quote a few passages that most inspired me are:

"If too many people believe in their (evil Snake Warriors) power, and they themselves believe, then the power can become real through faith."

"...while it would seem to be a weakness on our part, and an invitation for our enemy to avenge their dead when they become strong once again, to take up an evil enemy's ways is to eventually become them."

We must give back whatever we reap from the earth in order that our children and theirs will have no debt to repair. And if we give back more than we take, then our children will live in great bounty..."

...I could go on and on. I really think this book would make a great required reading book for high school students, regardless of their ethnicity. Youth of today need more guidance than the majority are receiving at home, in school, music and TV. Because this book contains some dark fantasy, I think it would hold their interest while providing good reading and moral guidance.

Mara Lys Benoit--Rhode Island

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